Meet our rock star intern, Peggy!

By Unknown on 4/6/2017

Whether its by fate, chance, destiny, or luck - we ended up with a rock star intern this semester.  Peggy reached out to us early on in the semester on the quest for an internship to help fulfill her graduation requirements for her Community Health Science degree at the University of Nevada.  We sat down with her, and talked about her passion, what drew her to Girls on the Run-Sierras, and what her plans are for the future. 


Tell us a little about yourself and why Girls on the Run-Sierras was a good fit.

I'm Peggy, I'll be graduating in the Spring of 2017 with a Community Health Science degree from the University of Nevada.  I love running, and competing in races.  There's a sense of freedom in it, a sort of an escape.  I was looking for internships to complete graduation requirements this spring, and came across Girls on the Run-Sierras.  Once I saw it, I was hooked!  The mission statement reflected exactly what I get out of running and I would love to share that with girls in our community. 


What have you learned through your internship?

Confidence is key! Through coaching, and teaching confidence to the girls, I became more confident in myself.  I learned new skills and how a non profit works, and how to be a leader, and furthermore - I learned that part of confidence is having the confidence to ask questions.  It's okay to be uncertain at times, and asking questions is part of the learning process. 


When you're not going to school, or interning - what are you up to?

In my freetime, I enjoy hiking, watching movies with my husband and two cats, exploring Reno, running, and being outside.  I've really come to love Reno and want to stay here after graduation. It's a good place where my passions for the outdoors, and running come to meet. 


What are your post-graduate plans?

I'm looking for another opportunity where I can get involved with something my heart is really passionate about.  Girls on the Run-Sierras was really special to me because of my love for running and how it makes me feel. Currently I am exploring opportunities where my love for staying active and engaged plays a big role in my day-to-day work. 


Thanks, Peggy for all your help! 


Interested in intern opportunities? 

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