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Kylie Daniels

Kylie Daniels

Why YOU Should Get Involved with GOTR Sierras 💖

Our Celebratory 5K is coming up on Saturday, November 18th and here are some reasons YOU should get involved. 

Get to know the GOTR program: By volunteering with GOTR Sierras you’ll get to see firsthand what our program is all about and the joy it brings not only to our GOTR girls, but to everyone who attends!

Meet people in your community: There are about 1,000 people at our Celebratory 5K event. This is a great place to meet people in our community and leave with a friend you didn’t have before.

Learn new skills: Never painted a face before? That’s okay! You’ll learn how to by volunteering at our 5K. You may even get to draw a mustache or two on a GOTR girl… how fun!

Start your morning in a joyful way: There’s no way to be sad when you’re surrounded by a bunch of girls buzzing with excitement and nerves as they get ready for their 5K. Having a hand in preparing them, whether it be by face painting, bib blinging or hair decorating, is sure to put a smile on your face. 

Give back to your community: Our girls depend on volunteers like YOU to make this program possible. The holiday season is right around the corner, and giving back always feels good (especially to teams of girls donned in bright yellow tutus).

Click here to become a GOTR 5K Volunteer. 



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