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Kylie Daniels

Kylie Daniels

Volunteer at Our Fall 5K!

We are SO excited to share that our 5K is Sunday, November 13th! Our celebration 5K is a time for all our GOTR girls to get together and finish their last goal of the season. It is a special day of smiles, laughs and celebration. To make this 5K happen, we need YOU! Volunteers are what make this day possible. There are many ways to get involved. Before the 5K starts, we host Girl Village. This is a place where girls get together with their teams and gear up for the 5K. Here we need volunteers running stations. We have the Happy Hair station, the Bib Bling station, and the Thank a Coach station. Learn more about each station here. We also need course volunteers who help to map out the 5K course, and keep GOTR girls and running buddies heading in the right direction. If you would like to support our 5K but are unable to make it the day of- become a Happy Sleeper. Happy Sleepers donate money to our program while sleeping on the day of the 5K. We pride ourselves on having volunteer options that fit anyone, so pick the option best for you and join us for our celebratory 5K on November 13th. Learn more or sign up to volunteer here! 💛



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