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Kylie Daniels

Kylie Daniels

We are grateful! ✨

As we welcome Thanksgiving, we want to look back at our year and honor the things that made it so special.


1- Our Coaches:  Our program only exists because of our volunteer coaches. Each season we are blown away by the heart, passion and commitment our coaches have to this program and the GOTR girls. Good mentors are hard to come by, and lucky for our GOTR girls, we had about 315 of them this year. You make our program what it is!


2- Our GOTR girls: Similar to our coaches, our girls dazzle us each season. Their kindness, empathy and ideas make coaching them a privilege. We are lucky to get to work for, and with them! Often, they are the ones that teach us a thing or two. How fortunate are we!


3- Our Staff: We are a small, but mighty team of three. Each member of our team values the importance of this program, and champions it inside and outside of the office. With a team who fully believes in our program, who knows the places we'll go!


4- Our Board: Our Board of Directors is involved, passionate and determined when it comes to the success of the GOTR Sierras program. We are humbled to have 12 board members who bring different perspectives, ideas and resources to our program. They are a huge part of our success.


5- All Of You: Every single volunteer, donor, supporter, parent and champion has left an indelible mark on this program and our community. Though you may not see it, every hour volunteered, dollar donated and social media post shared has helped to change the life of a local girl for the better. Your support of our program never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. We are lucky to have an amazing and generous community. 



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