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Kylie Daniels

Kylie Daniels

Junior Coach Program

GOTR Sierras to launch Junior Coach Program


We are so excited to announce that Girls on the Run Sierras will be piloting the Junior Coach program THIS spring season! The Junior Coach program allows high school students aged 16 to 18 to get firsthand experience with the Girls on the Run program while being mentored by an experienced GOTR coach. 

Role: Junior Coaches will have a role in

preparing materials,
collaborating with girls
leading curriculum-based lessons
Junior Coaches will help to teach girls about friendship, confidence, and balance while creatively integrating physical activity. This volunteer opportunity will give Junior Coaches the chance to learn about leadership, collaboration,community all while acting as a positive role model for GOTR girls.

Requirements: Like our adult GOTR Coaches, Junior Coaches do not have to be enthusiastic about running. All they need is the drive to support and inspire local girls. Junior Coaches will undergo the same coach training used for adult GOTR coaches. After this training is complete, they will be paired with an experienced coach that will help guide them through the season. 

For more information on junior coaching and the role’s requirements, use this link. Since this is a pilot season- spaces are limited, so sign up today!

To be eligible to participate in the Junior Coach program, potential applicants must: 

Be 16-18 years of age (in high school)
Identify as female
Return completed reference from a non-relative
Return signed waiver (signed by parent/guardian if under 18) 
Complete background check (if 18 years old) 
Complete Junior Coach application  
Complete online and in-person training -This training consists of two parts:  self-paced, online modules which take about 3.5 hours to complete, and an in-person coach training session which lasts about 3.5-4 hours.
Consistently attend practice (minimum of once per week)
Commit 1.5-3 hours of time each week for 10 weeks
Must have reliable and consistent transportation to and from the program site you are assigned. 

For a full list of requirements, check out this link


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