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10 compliments that AREN'T about appearance 💜

We all love to receive compliments, whether it be about an outfit or a new haircut. But often, it feels better for the people in our lives to notice us for something OTHER than outward appearance or the clothes we wear. We took notes from Girls on the Run International’s blog post about “20 Kind Compliments That Don’t Involve Looks” and came up with a few of our own. So next time you want to compliment someone- dig a little deeper and compliment something beyond the surface!

1. Your joy is contagious.
2. I admire how hard you try to reach your goals!
3. Seeing you always puts a smile on my face!
4. You are so kind to the people around you.
5. Your positive energy is invigorating. 
6. Your ideas are always so creative!
7. Your heart is so full of love.
8. You have the best taste in (blank)
9. I admire how much you care about people.
10. You’re such a supportive friend.

We hope you come up with some stellar compliments of your own and make the people in your life feel special 💖



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