Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe


"Every morning I put on my dangling, sparkly earring and when I look in the mirror I tell myself that I am beautiful and I am going to rock this day!"

-Leah, 5th Grade

Coach Heart and Sole

Coaching a GOTR or Heart & Sole team is truly a rewarding and life changing experience...for YOU and the 15 girls on your team.

Love Your Body for What it Can Do, Not What it Can't Do.

With these statistics in mind and a strong foundation developed through Girls on the Run, I am choosing to embrace my broad shoulders, for all the laps in the pool they help me through. I am choosing to brush off the occasional break-out, life gets the best of everyone. My strong, muscular legs can carry me not only throughout my day, but on bike rides, and walks with friends. I am choosing to love all my features, for helping me realize my true limitless potential.

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